zero helper

Take control over your Android device

We build an app to help testers!

The main idea of the project, is to help manual testers. Working with Android devices sometimes becomes too booring. Our app is designed to make your work pretty faster and less booring.


Version 3.2 released! Now on Debian too!


What we can do:

Working with several devices together:
You can connect different devices or emulators and program will give you a chance to work with them.

Working with Android apps:
You can:

  • Install app
    To make it quick: CTRL+I
  • Uninstall app
  • Clear data of the app
  • Check the data of the app
  • Update app with data save
  • Downgrade app
  • Work with all 3-d party apps on your devices

Working with device screen:
You can:

  • Record video from device screen (Android 4.4+ only)
    It will be saved at:
    <Current user folder>/Videos
  • Take screenshots
    To make it quick: CTRL+T
    It will be saved at:
    <Current user folder>/Pictures/Android

Working with logs:
You can:

  • Clear logcat on your devices
  • Get full logs from your devices
  • Filter logs by different keyphrases, separating them using |
    E.g.: FATAL|dump|Activity
  • Search logs
  • Run different filtered logs in separate tabs
  • Save all current output to file
    To make it quick: CTRL+S

Something else:
You can:

  • Customise text output:
    • Foreground color
    • Background color
    • Font family
    • Text size
  • Get device list
  • Reconnect device (UnAuth)
  • Quick reload device list: CTRL+R
  • Don't worry about ADB installation - it's included in app.
    Current version is: 1.36



What you need:

  • JRE with JavaFX support (probably it is JAVA8+), doesn't work with JAVA9
  • (Linux only) Android-SDK - path to platform-tools should be declared in PATH
    The easiest way is to run the comand: sudo apt-get install android-sdk


  • Fix cirillic text in output
  • Move all settable features to settings